Take Your Hemp Honey Everywhere

The only hemp honey infused by bees is now available in convenient single serve snap packs.

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(27 customer reviews)

Red Belly Honey 5-Pack Snaps


Just like our Red Belly Honey by the jar, this box of (5) 6-gram snap packs contains pure CBD honey, infused by bees, not humans.

The convenient no-mess packaging makes it travel-friendly to help you relax when you’re not in your own bed. And to keep up with pre- or post-workout routine, Red Belly Honey snap packs can easily tuck into a pocket or gym bag.

We ship Red Belly Honey snap packs anywhere in the US via two-day FedEx.

Other quantity options

24-Pa Red Belly Honey Snaps

Each snap-pack contains 5 grams of raw, natural CBD honey infused by bees.

Use Red Belly Honey in to-go drinks

To-go meals and drinks

Duo-purpose convenience as a functional food and sweetener

Red Belly Honey is great for travel


Your no-mess travel companion that takes up little space

Red Belly Honey is great for fitness


Healthy energy for your pre- or post-workout routine

Use Red Belly Honey at Night to Relax


A good way to wind down the day, wherever you are

Selected by Food & Wine as a 2020 Pick

“I’m a CBD skeptic so I first fell in love with this honey for its culinary uses because it has peachy and floral flavor notes on the front end and pleasantly bitter buckwheat notes on the back end. Then over time while using it to sweeten pots of tisane and small cups of espresso, I realized that it was also beginning to mellow dull aches in my body and reduce some anxiety. This honey is the real deal both in and out of the kitchen.”
—Hunter Lewis, Editor-In-Chief, Food & Wine

This hemp honey made by California honeybees is all-natural, nutrient-rich with CBD and antioxidants.
These bees freely pollinate and gather food from plants and flowers but they also eat a patented blend of hemp nectar to produce this one-of-a-kind honey. Because the bees are in charge of all the mixing and infusing through their belly enzymes, the honey is naturally water-soluble and allows for optimal absorption.

Ships FedEx 2nd Business Day – Orders placed after 3 PM EST ship the next business day. Friday orders arrive Tuesday.

Download the COA lab results for Red Belly Honey here.


Glyphosate Residue Free

Eat Your Greens, LLC

Glyphosate Residue Free



0.3% or less THC


Made in USA

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease. Do not feed to children under 12 months of age.

Have your snap packs hardened?

Sometimes the honey inside of snap packs hardens during shipping. It is normal for pure honey to crystallize when it becomes cold. No worries, follow these instructions on how to warm up your snap packs so they're as good as new.

27 reviews for Red Belly Honey 5-Pack Snaps

  1. davina devereaux (verified owner)

    I am recently a 20 year veteran of special operations…I’ve deployed over 25 times all over the world—with that being said, I’ve had several major injuries to my legs and back. This product actually works and I’m so thankful there is something to help with the pain in my knees and back (RED BELLY BALM) and the RED BELLY HONEY snaps !!! I absolutely love them !! I can take them anywhere and it definitely helps with my PTSD or just everyday stresses we all deal with! Thank you so much and I will be back for more!

  2. Lisa Wenn (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this honey! Once a day, everyday!
    I wish there wasn’t any writing on the packets as it comes off when eating the honey. Maybe you could stop printing on the packets!

  3. Stephanie

    Great honey! loving the snap packets. Also great for on the go!!!

  4. RG

    Great taste and perfect for on the go! Individually wrapped so easy to take with you.

  5. Jenny

    These snap packs are great! So convenient. I took them with me on a trip and they were perfect for adding to my morning tea. Highly recommend!!!

  6. Melissa Meyer

    Really great taste and easy to use packaging. Great for on the go!

  7. Erica

    Delicious honey! Especially when added to yogurt or overnight oats. Also great for bringing on trips.

  8. Rachel

    Lovely addition to my coffee or a quick sweet snack, straight out of the package!

  9. Ariana J Paz

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these on the go snap packs! I like how easy to use they are and so versatile. I use them before or after the gym, or when I’m about to wind down and add to my favorite hot tea!

  10. Caroline

    Love these packets! So easy to use with the snap package and no mess!! Perfect to add to tea – It’s a great travel size, tastes great and I feel calm after using it!!

  11. Hester

    First of all, I love that the packaging is so easy to use! Second, this honey is delicious and the perfect size for a latte – I brought a pack for backpacking and it was the perfect weight.
    It’s also delicious for normal lattes!

    Red Belly Honey 5-Pack Snaps
  12. Lindsey L

    Perfect packaging for travel size honey!

  13. katie m

    Love these! So great to add to tea – perfect size, delicious, and double downs on calm!

  14. Reyna Hoerdeman

    The packaging is wonderful along with the product. I love adding honey to my tea, apples and other snacks and it makes it super easy.

  15. amy

    So good. Add it to my evening tea and I have been sleeping so well.

  16. Angela Goyke

    These packets go great to top my fall toast. Toast, yogurt, and pumpkin puree. Such a great fall treat that’s not too sweet!

  17. S Lembach

    I love the convenient size—so easy to toss into my bag and go!

  18. Ashley P

    I love adding these to my mid-day earl grey tea. It adds a sweetness without giving me the jitters. 10/10 will get again, I love the packaging is easy to have on hand on the go too.

    Red Belly Honey 5-Pack Snaps
  19. Bridget McClatchey

    These individual honey packets are perfect for an ACTIVE OUTDOOR lifestyle. I love using mine for a mid run snack for energy, on a piece of fruit or just straight in the mouth. I also love it for camping and the classic peanut butter and honey sandwich- super convenient and easy to carry in gear.

  20. Mary Hendrickson

    I love using these in tea to wind down in the evening. The snap packs make it easy to know I’m getting the same amount every night. They are the perfect amount of honey and I love the ritual of drinking it.

  21. Kim

    Taste is great and I LOVE the individual packets! So easy to throw in my bag and go!

  22. Emily

    Perfect to throw in my work bag for my morning tea! Love the taste!

  23. Michelle

    Delicioius honey and I love the small convenient packs. Perfect amount with tea or on-the-go for a mid run energy boost!

  24. Colleen F.

    LOVE these snap packets! Seriously genius! Also this honey tastes amazing. Have tried it with almond butter and apples, and in my coffee and both have tasted great. Not too sweet, just right! Highly recommend – especially using it when in the car and not wanting to get honey all over your car.

  25. Bridget

    So great for traveling and on the go! Love the high quality product and packaging, big fan!!!

  26. Natalie Bielski

    This is a fantastic product. I love how they are individually wrapped so I can take them on the go, and each serving size helps me not go overboard with sugar intake.

  27. Allison Schowengerdt

    The best option for on an on the go lifestyle. I’ve been bringing these snap packs with me to work and adding them into my morning tea- truly so convenient and mess free! Plus the taste is *chef’s kiss*

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Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Is there anything in these that’s different from the honey in the jar?

Nope. It’s the same. Bees naturally infuse Red Belly Honey with CBD hemp making it bioavailable, water-soluble and delicious—a genuine superfood.

How long does the honey last in the snap packs?

Indefinitely. Archaeologists have found honey intact that’s thousands of years old. We don't recommend holding on to the honey that long, of course. Besides, it’s too good and too helpful to resist.

The honey in my snap packs is solid and it won't come out. What should I do?

Sometimes Red Belly Honey can stiffen during the crystallization process, especially during winter months. No worries—as crystalized honey becomes viscous again once brought up to the optimal temperature range. <a href="/how-to-revive-solid-snap-packs/">Learn how to revive your snap packs here</a>.

Can I just leave it in my suitcase?

Sure, as long as you don’t store your luggage in 40 F temperature. Pure honey naturally crystallizes but cold hastens the process. We like our honey smooth.

How often should I take Red Belly Honey?

1 teaspoon is a single serving. Everyone is different, find out what works best for you.

How much honey do I need?

1 teaspoon is a single serving. Everyone is different, find out what works best for you.

How should I take the Red Belly Honey?

Honey is a naturally sweet food, you can enjoy it by itself, or mixed into your favorite food or beverage.

What makes the color of your honey so different from other types?

The distinct ruby-tinged hue comes from our patented hemp and nectar blend that we offer the bees as a supplement to their foraging. When the bees eat this proprietary combination, they’re essentially mixing it with their belly enzymes and passing on the color.

Can I add Red Belly Honey to drinks?

Yes. Because our honey is water-soluble, it dissolves and will not float on the surface of drinks or cling to the glass-like hemp oil. Stir our honey into water for a refreshing beverage and to sweeten a smoothie or cocktail.

Can I cook with Red Belly Honey?

Red Belly Honey retains its beneficial compounds and remains stable up to 302 F for up to an hour should you decide to heat it directly. Feel free to bake with the honey. It's also delicious brushed on grilled chicken and fish or drizzled over fried chicken and biscuits right out of the oven. To balance the acidity of lemon or vinegar in a dressing, whisk in a little honey.

Are bees harmed to make your honey?

No. If bees eat harmful substances, such as pesticides, they eventually perish. Like responsible beekeepers, we keep our bees healthy. For example, we set aside their high-protein pollen loaves to serve them during colder months when nature is not flowering. Additionally, our hives divide to create another colony, an activity known as “swarming” which is a sign of healthy production.

Do your bees get high off of the hemp and nectar blend you feed them?

No. Bees do not have a system that processes the compounds in hemp that cause a psychoactive effect like in humans, dogs and other mammals.

Are higher milligram products better and more effective?

It's not about higher milligrams per serving, it's about the quality of the product. We believe nature-made food is better, and the bees infuse this honey with botanicals and adaptogens.

Can Red Belly Honey make me high?

No; it does not contain enough of the psychoactive compound to cause such a result, according to laboratory tests shown in our Certificate of Analysis (COA). The COA link is available in the product description.

Is a Certificate of Analysis (COA) important?

Yes. A COA is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the quantity of various compounds in a hemp product. It protects you as a consumer, ensuring you are purchasing the beneficial compounds in hemp.

Aren’t you exploiting bees by taking their honey?

No. Our hives are healthy which means they have a surplus of honey and beeswax—more than they need to maintain the colony. According to apiary experts, bees perform at a high level as long as the conditions are good. They can modify their work, such as choosing to eat our patented hemp and nectar blend, but they cannot decrease or increase output so there’s no pressure.


(1) 5-pack $13.49, (2) 5-packs $25.49, (3) 5 packs $39.49

  1. USE: Honey is a natural source of sugar. Natural sources of sugar are digested slower and help you feel full for longer. It also helps keep your metabolism stable.
  2. USE: May assist with relaxation

INGREDIENTS: Raw, all-natural honey. Through a patented method, bees are offered a proprietary combination of nectar and hemp, which allows them to make the world’s only whole plant honey. Powered by BeeFuse™ Technology by Phytopharma international.

Download the COA lab results for Red Belly Honey here.

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